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Post  Post subject: WHAT DO WE KNOW ABOUT THE EARLY HISTORY OF AFRICA?  |  Posted: Wed Jun 13, 2012 4:58 am

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We know very little about the early history of Africa. There must have been great
civilizations there, but very few of them developed writing or left any records. Some
civilization built fine communities, such as the east coast port of Kilwa or the mysterious
stone complex of Great Zimbabwe.<link removed>

Post  Post subject: Re: WHAT DO WE KNOW ABOUT THE EARLY HISTORY OF AFRICA?  |  Posted: Wed Jun 13, 2012 6:37 am
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with the same provisos as your article on warm-bloodedness, i'll attempt to gather some thoughts on the question in the header of your post

when you say "Africa", i must assume that you mean either sub-Saharan Africa, or Africa excluding Egypt (for obvious reasons), and refer to the period of the last few millenia prior to the period of colonialism
with that thought in place, the answer to your question must be pretty simple : history depends on historical (in the main written) records, and these, to my knowledge, are sorely lacking from most parts of Africa

this means that most of our knowledge of Africa prior to colonialism comes either from traveller's tales, or from the archeological record - i must admit to being poorly equipped to address the latter, but my general impression was that the archeological record in many parts of Africa is rather poor, either because the necessary studies have not been carried out, or because environmental conditions are not favourable to the preservation of archeological remains

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