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Your liver is your body’s largest organ, and plays a key role in removing alcohol and other toxins from your body. While summertime can mean lots of fun, outdoor parties and barbeques, it can also mean more alcohol than the liver can handle. A toxic liver can lead to digestive issues, mood swings, inflammation and fatigue, so it’s important to focus on liver cleansing foods to clear out unwanted toxins and keep your liver functioning optimally!

Here are five things to incorporate into your diet to promote a healthy liver


What does your body need before any liver cleansing food? Water! It’s absolutely essential for flushing toxins and waste from the body, and will have you feeling much more energized once you’re hydrated. Water is so beneficial for detoxifying the body of harmful toxins because it allows the body to filter waste through the kidney instead of the liver, giving it one less job to do!


Garlic is a very powerful medicinal food that contains active compounds to help detoxify your liver. The high amounts of sulfur in garlic supports and activates liver enzymes, while its natural compound allicin supports liver detoxification.


That’s right, we’re talking turmeric again, but only because it’s THE golden spice! The liver loves turmeric because curcumin, which is the main compound in turmeric, is known to heal the liver

through its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, while also aiding in detoxification. Turmeric also helps out the liver by boosting enzyme activity that actively flush out toxins.


The benefits of ginger are truly endless, and that goes for all of the superfoods that we’re talking about in this article. It’s considered to be one of the best detoxifying foods because it promotes circulation, which improves the cleansing process and allows the liver to remove waste. Ginger also stimulates digestion, which further allows toxins in the liver to be removed.


The liver loves antioxidants, and green tea definitely delivers in that department. Green tea has very high amounts of catechins, which are antioxidants that aid in liver function and help the liver detoxify. Green tea also supports the liver by activating liver enzymes, which can reduce the negative impact that toxins can have on the liver.

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Cite your sources for the "toxin" accumulation in any organ of the body.

BTW, the SKIN is the largest organ of the body, not the liver.

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At least it's in the right forum. Almost none of the claims about detox turn out to have any actual evidence.

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I just happened to come across an article on the NHS website about bilirubin
the latter is formed by the liver from the breakdown of dead red blood cells, and is supposed to be flushed out of the body from the liver via the gall bladder
a malfunctioning liver does not manage to rid itself of the bilirubin, and as such becomes "toxic", resulting in jaundice

on the other hand, the liver sometimes creates toxins, such as the breakdown product of ethanol when it forms aldehydes, which should be familiar to anyone who ever had a hangover

still, there is not really any such thing as detoxing your liver, your liver either works as it should or it doesn't - in the latter case it either lets toxins accumulate in the body or in the liver itself
what you should try and do is take care of your liver if it's damaged so that it can heal itself - which is not the same as treating it as if it's a dirty filter that needs to be flushed of the dirt

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Lynx_Fox wrote:
At least it's in the right forum.

It wasn't, at least until I saw it. 8-)


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