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Post  Post subject: help with info about magnets and wire please ?  |  Posted: Wed Jul 26, 2017 7:06 pm

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hello everyone
i'm new here so pardon me if i am asking something out of place

my son is very intelligent and science minded, me not so much at a young age i had to drop out of school to help support my family. but my son and i bond over science and i really don't want to lose that so i am trying to learn things so i can stay relevant to him as he grows up.

he has spent his summer planning his science fair projects for next year and wants to do one based on emergency breaking systems for space elevators coming down .. and homo poler motors and other stuff like that something like he said electromagnatism speeding up and slowing down the world.. i am spending money that is a bit tight to help him of course with magnets and a very expensive thick copper pipe and an aluminum pipe. .. and wire and things

what i was wanting to know so i could kind of surprise him with an idea would be .. the way a magnet goes slow through a thick copper pipe.. would it also go slow if i bought some heavy think bare copper wire and wound it in to a tube shape.. i know you can do the train things with battery and magnets that way he's doing that too .. but with out the batters and very think wire coiled would it also go slow or does it need to be a solid pipe? he probably already knows .. but i think he would be happy and proud to see his dad learning too and not just from him

any help would be great

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