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Hi everyone,
Please bear with me as my chemistry knowledge is a little lacking, but I was hoping you guys could help me find an answer to my question.
I've got a quick question regarding exothermic reactions, obviously one of the well known examples is that of introducing a crystal or crystals of sodium acetate in to a supersaturated solution of water and sodium acetate, producing "hot ice". I am to understand that the freezing point and heat given off should be approximately 60degrees Celcius. I was wondering if there was anything similar that would produce upwards of 180 degrees?

Thanks in advance and apologies for my vagueness.

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The most exothermic reaction I do as a demo in class is the thermite reaction (reaction of aluminium powder with iron oxide) it gets hot enough to melt the iron produced (at least 1500 C!)

Mixing large quantities of concentrated sulphuric acid with small quantities of water is also very exothermic as is dissolving sodium hydroxide powder in small quantities of water. These are however dangerous I would not recommend you try them as an amateur chemist!

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