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What is the risk of using a microwave after a metal spoon has been left in it?

If it's been damaged, will the food heated up in it still be safe to eat?

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from the following article :

What Happens When You Put Metal In A Microwave?

it would appear that the damage would be to the microwave oven itself
my reckoning is that when they say it might be unsafe to use afterwards, that this might be due to electrical issues with the oven, not with the food become somehow inedible

of course, if the microwave works after a fashion but does not apply the expected wattage, you might have undercooked food, with all the issues following from that

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A microwave operates as a radio transmitter, but uses a waveguide instead of an antenna. If the standing wave ratio is disrupted by a metal object, more of the power will be reflected back at the transmitter (in this case, a magnetron). This is much like a CB radio being keyed without an antenna, or the wrong one. So damage is to the transmitter, it may become weaker or quit working. All microwaves have fuses, so there is little danger except that you may blow one.

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