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I was watching a video about a concept that intrigued me, a 2 dimensional figure sees a line in front of him, but on this line that is his field of view a segment appears, grows and shrinks, then disappears.
This mysterious changing line he saw was a 3 dimensional sphere travelling through his 2 Dimensional world, but what intrigued me was not that the dimensions were different, but rather that in explainable change happened in the world of this 2 dimensional figure. Time can be thought of as change, but philosophers often wonder why does stuff change. Is it invalid to believe that a 4 dimensional object travelling through our 3 dimensional viewpoint could create the illusion of time.
Assuming yes, I would venture this 4 dimensional object could be a basis behind a lot of the natural phenomena scientists have identified and explained. An example that comes to mind is Einsteins idea that gravity is the result of space-time curvature. An object that is 4 Dimensional could be "pushing" the grid lines of 3 dimensional space as it travels through based on a function that is analogous and equivalent to Einstein's equations.
Exploration of this concept, I venture could simplify or complicate science by an enormous amount. For instance, if an easily identifiable function were associated with the movement of the object, then science could become an exploration of the results of this function, on the other hand if the function is extremely complex and difficult to find, the ultimate goal of science could be to identify it.

On a side note it is important to note that this 4 dimensional object would be changing, thus would be subject to, A) a secondary illusion of time, or B) "true" time. Assuming option A the cycle of the illusion of time could repeat a finite or infinite number of times, and I can only guess which case is correct.

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