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The term "fake news" seems to get bandied around a lot these days; use of the term quintrupled between 1998-2008, according to Ngram: https://books.google.com/ngrams/graph?content=fake+news&year_start=1998&year_end=2008&corpus=15&smoothing=3&share=&direct_url=t1%3B%2Cfake%20news%3B%2Cc0

Fundamentally, we cannot be 100% confident that anything is true. The closest we can get (arguably) is primary empiricism. Beyond that, it's a matter of scrutinising the source of the information.

Mainstream media clearly cannot be relied upon to be independent or moral - see the phone hacking scandal in the UK as an example. Mainstream media are driven by profit not public interest.

Hence I find it disconcerting that Western governments are considering a ban on "fake news". Clearly it will be their decision as to what is "fake" and amounts to nothing more or less than state censorship. If the stories pushed by small independent news providers are really verifiably "fake", then the government should have nothing to worry about, right? In the same way that the government tells us not to worry about constant surveillance because "if you're not a terrorist then you have nothing to worry about" then I would say to the governmemt, if the news you sponsor isn't BS then you have nothing to worry about either.

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One of securities I hold suddenly dropped in price this week leaving many investors wondering WTF. Turns out today that one of the Canadian banks published a fraudulent insider trading report a week ago. Today the stock is suddenly on the rise again. Fortunately I resisted selling but many liquidated their holdings at bargain basement prices, some losing fortunes in the process.

Do I wish such news was banned? You bet and it probably is. No doubt there are some bank executives waiting for the hammer to fall as affected people close their accounts and Securities Investigators come knocking. So publishers of fraudulent news reports deserve to face the consequences of their actions. I can't see why my gov't at least would publish false news. When the truth comes out, as it almost always does, then there's hell to pay. Especially if your a democratically elected representative, IMHO.

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Fake news as an issue isn't really related to the major media outlets. It's about a guy in his mom's basement setting up 12 pretend news sites and making advertising money, all the while skewing perceptions of the populace and causing avoidable shootings.

https://www.washingtonpost.com/local/pi ... 255e3bb050


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Facebook came on line in 2004, Twitter in 2006, it fits right in with the graph in the OP.
https://books.google.com/ngrams/graph?c ... ws%3B%2Cc0

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