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Hi guys - this is probably a lil bit of a strange question for the forum but it could turn out to be the best place to ask.
So I'm getting some type of allergic skin reaction on my torso arms and legs. lil red dots that sometimes become welts.
My family got a cat, but at the same time I spent some time in my parents house (fell out with the missus :D )

Anyways - so I disinfected my cat - it got the blame first. Then I thought it might be mites - so I smitted the house.
I read the bottle and it said smite can be sprayed on furniture. I thought well if it can be spayed on furniture it shouldn't be to bad on skin. So I sprayed my skin with some of it and it worked. The welts seemed to respond to the smite.

But mom had washed a few of my shirts - as I put them on about 1 hour later back came the reaction. She was using some nasty washing powder.

It got all mixed up in my washing I put a few things on - back came the reaction.

Now as i'm writing this i'm leaning toward the washing powder. But I still think in my brain it could be the cat...
I am allergic to cats - but usually in a sneezey way not so much looking like the plague...

Here comes the chemistry part. It's responding to dettol and water??? Also that smite stuff.... Creams are good too but not as effective I've noted. I'm thinking maybe the dettol is denaturing them lil ......?

Any thoughts? - I'm doing some pretty intensive study lil stressed tbh. The missus thinks that's it but I think not. Maybe it's a factor.

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