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Post  Post subject: Wormholes some science for science fiction?  |  Posted: Thu Oct 20, 2016 4:15 pm
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I am writing a SF novel and I want to "build a wormhole generator". I could just say "poof, wormhole opened", but I would like a better handle on it, at least for my own curiosity. I know I am writing Magic, but trying to use something from the real world.

In Peter Hamilton's Pandora's Star, brilliant scientists Ozzie and Nigel build them. The one I like opens a wormhole for Nigel to walk through from their office (or outside of it) to Mars! Also, the wormhole stays open and astronauts on Mars, walk the wormhole back to Earth with Nigel.

If in a starship do you: just shoot off a stream of negative energy, exotic particles, whatever, It stays stable and you just fly into it, and keep sending these particle ahead of you as you go? How does one control the desired length of the wormhole? If it has to stay open as long as you are in it how do you keep others from following you in?

And how do I describe the Ozzie-Nigel version?


Post  Post subject: Re: Wormholes some science for science fiction?  |  Posted: Wed Nov 09, 2016 7:50 pm

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Who knows how to describe a worm hole generator. Have a read of this link, it describes the hypothetical " Einstein- Rosen Bridge " This link may give you some inspiration.

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