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Post  Post subject: The satisfying feeling of accurately predicting RW physics  |  Posted: Thu Oct 13, 2016 10:28 pm
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There's an oddly satisfying feeling you get when you are out and about in the real world and you witness an event that is happening or about to happen, and you use your knowledge of physics and science to accurately predict the outcome. Especially when it involves someone else's complete failure to predict the outcome.

I got to enjoy this satisfying and smug feeling today on my way home from work. I saw these 2 numb-nuts trying to tow a car with a chain. Now, if you've never towed a car with a chain, it's actually a bit more difficult than it looks. A chain, unlike a nylon tow strap, doesn't have any "give" to it. The most important thing when you are towing a car with a chain is to get and keep all of the slack out of the chain..slowly...or you're in for a big jolt.

I immediately recognized an impending "fail" of physics, because these morons were using a chain that was somewhere around 9-10 meters long. They hooked it up and left like 7 meters of slack chain on the ground. When you're towing a car with a chain, you don't want it too long, because when you take a sharp right hand turn (or left in the UK) the chain will "cut the corner" and if there's a stop sign or tree on the corner, the chain will hit it...potential fail number 1.

You also need to slowly inch in the towing car forward, until all of the slack of the chain is removed before accelerating. When I saw all that slack chain on the ground, I said to myself "they're going to rip the front end off that car." And sure enough...the driver of the towing car just got in and instead of inching slowly forward, just accelerated normally, and when the chain when taught...BAMMM!! he yanked the whole front end off the car being towed. I laughed my ass off. I felt kinda bad for the guy who owned the towed car, but I guess they both got a lession in inertia.

Have you ever seen an impending "fail" and predicted it? If so then please share!

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Post  Post subject: Re: The satisfying feeling of accurately predicting RW physi  |  Posted: Thu Oct 13, 2016 11:47 pm
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Lol. That's awesome! I know without question I've watched a few experiences like that I could share, but I'll be damned if I can remember any specifics at the moment.

For some reason a big fella on a seesaw and a scrawny kid jumping on the other end from a ladder comes to mind...


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Post  Post subject: Re: The satisfying feeling of accurately predicting RW physi  |  Posted: Fri Oct 14, 2016 4:28 pm

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Years ago I used to work in a building from which you could see a street with a hill. One day, after a snow fall (which admittedly we only get about once or twice a year around here), a co-worker and I watched a number of cars trying to drive up the hill. Now here's the thing, there was a good stretch of level street before the incline, but inevitably, instead of building up momentum to help carry them up the incline, car after car came to a complete stop at the base of the hill and then tried to drive up it.

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Post  Post subject: Re: The satisfying feeling of accurately predicting RW physi  |  Posted: Fri Oct 14, 2016 10:15 pm
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Just watch "Epic Fail" videos on Youtube. Hours of fun.


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