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Post  Post subject: Why did we stop inventing gods?  |  Posted: Sat Aug 13, 2016 3:18 pm
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Why did we stop inventing gods?

The ancients were quite good at inventing new gods. The bible shows that the Jews invented many gods before deciding that god could not be defined and settled for “I am“, as the greatest expression of god. “I am” as spoken as a man.


Jews, in their oral tradition, gave man the last word in what god and his policies were to be. They accepted that the man they chose as head Rabbi of their Divine council had the power to overrule their written tradition. Man’s words, not an imaginary god, had the final say on policy. Man was supreme and not one of the imaginary gods.

Christianity then changed much of the morals and policies of their newly invented god, Yahweh, and also transferred the power of god to a man. Jesus. Jesus was now placed at the power seat at the right hand of his newly invented god and placed Yahweh in the right hemisphere of the brain, as shown in the art of the day as depicted by Michelangelo in his creation painting in the Vatican.

Islam then invented Allah, and so far, rightfully named him the last god to be invented. Foolish but true to date.

I see that search for a god as a search for the best laws and rules to live life by. After all, we cannot follow an imaginary god and can only follow the laws and rules that those imaginary gods has spoken, recognizing of course, that only a person can speak those laws and rules and that it was really a wise person who was uttering those words.

Gnostic Christians always saw those invented gods, specifically Yahweh, Jesus and Allah, as immoral and not worthy of us and that is why they named those gods as immoral and vile demiurges. This is not to say that those demiurges did not have some good policies but only says that a better god could and should be invented. Gnostic Christianity lost the god wars and was decimated the moment Christianity gained political power which they used to end freedom of religion.

Are immoral demiurges like Yahweh, Jesus and Allah, the best that mankind can come up with?

Why do you think we stopped inventing gods and settled for demonstrably immoral ones?


P.S. Gods are the opium of the people.

Post  Post subject: Re: Why did we stop inventing gods?  |  Posted: Sat Aug 13, 2016 4:02 pm
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In a lot of ways I would argue that we are still inventing gods, but because the populace is much more educated than it was in ancient times the new gods get less followers and attention. The small followings that they do get are known as cults.

The main reason for the slowing (or stopping) of production of new gods is because we have unlocked many of the mysteries that we previously used them to explain. Science has killed the gods and we as a society are greater for that.

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Post  Post subject: Re: Why did we stop inventing gods?  |  Posted: Tue Aug 16, 2016 5:41 pm
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Historically, gods appear to be invented or evolved from other gods as cultures split off and new cultures are established. The ability to write down religious cannon vs. the use of oral tradition is also undoubtedly a factor. So, with fewer new cultures being established (or at least at a rate that is difficult to observe from within), and better methods of transmission for modern dogma ("it is written, therefore..."), the invention or evolution of new gods should be expected to slow.

But I don't think stop. Take, for instance, cults of Mormonism. Here we have completely invented "revelations" by a relatively new cult leader (Brigham Young) during the age of writing. Still, the ability to segregate large pockets of cult followers in the American west, and the probably low literacy rate, may have been factors in convincing his followers that he was a prophet of God and he was in direct communication.

But, like the gods GB mentioned above, the Mormon god is a deity common to many cultures. Yahweh, Jehova, El/Elohim, Jehova, "I Am", etc.... are all the same deity with followers who a range of beliefs associated with how to properly worship.

This, I think, is a significant point when looking at religious belief. And the fundamental, common factor that seems to tie them all together is the ability to produce large quantities of written material via the printing press. Judeo-Islamo-Christian religions are very evangelical and printed (now electronic) word helps spread their "Word," displacing opportunities for smaller, less literate gods to come along.

These changes in types of religion are reflected in Robert Bellah's work from the 1960s, which is still very relevant today. He defines an "Axial Age" in which things seem to pivot with religious thought. The more basic religions that are very animistic, earth-centric, and tied to the natural world are suddenly replaced by very supernatural, esoteric beliefs which are interpreted by a distinct priestly caste. Lay people are pointed at "the written word" as evidence, but only elites get to interpret that word in a way that is accepted by the majority. Before writing, evidence for the existence of gods was in the form of natural, mostly inexpiable events: lightning strikes your hunting partner in a field, then he obviously angered the storm gods; your crops flourished, then you''ve found yourself in favor of the fertility gods.

I don't think we as humanity have stopped inventing gods. We've just slowed to an imperceptible rate of invention.

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I think the premise is wrong. We are still inventing gods. Look at all the variations of paganism, and new age religions such as Scientology that have strung up in the past century or so, some of them almost completely new ideas from little more than then a vague idea or namesakes from history.

Post  Post subject: Re: Why did we stop inventing gods?  |  Posted: Sat Sep 24, 2016 1:10 am
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I see Falconer and Lynx_Fox recognising new religious beliefs that are still popping up and that with a wider and deeper enquiry found today, they do not seem to grow above a cultist level.
The masses know better today.. It would seem.

~ I see no issue with the belief structures that grant a basses of morality and behaviours as we humanists find without religious doctrines..

I refer to the growing intelligence of humanity to guide us away from false deity beliefs. Deity beliefs as a whole are proven to be non existent.
A growing level of enquiry and test mentalities of the scientific revue process. Will grant us advancement.
That progression above the caveman bring to us a realist ideal. People of sound education seem unwilling to accept that which can not be shown as truth.
~ That Verifiable and Tested is becoming the normal demand, as faith seems to be loosing favour.

Which God. What deity ? These questions ARE more to do of where you are living as to what may or may not be truths..

Attempting tolerance and understanding as best I can. Always seeking more.

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