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The hyperbolic dependency of intertase activity on sucrose concentration demonstrates that.

a The enzymes activity saturates at high substrate levels
b The enzyme has a high substrate affinity
c The enzyme reaches half its maximum activity at its Km for sucrose
d The enzyme has a low substrate affinity
e none of the above.

Could somebody explain this question to me please. I am unsure what is meant by hyperbolic dependency. :roll:

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sorry, i'm afraid this isn't the best place to ask this type of question
i don't think any of us are trained biologists

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Questions that will lead you to the answer:

i. What is dependency? What does it mean for one factor to be dependent on another? So, what do you think it means for invertase enzyme activity to be dependent on sucrose concentration?

ii. What is a hyperbola? What shape is it? What does it look like? Draw one! Now, does it look like the curve given in your question? Does this help to explain why we call it hyperbolic dependency?

iii. As you move along the x axis from left to right, what is happening to substrate concentration? Does it increase or decrease? What happens to enzyme activity as the substrate concentration changes? Does it increase or decrease? Does it level off or flatten? What might a flat section of the curve tell you about enzyme activity?

iv. What is km? What is meant by the term km?

If you want anymore help with this let me know.

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Question 1:
The answer is not absolute. For example, in the early stage of fruit development, sucrose content was negatively correlated with invertase enzyme activity.

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Summary Answer for Question 1:
There was a significant negative correlation between sucrose content and acid [URL REMOVEDl]invertase enzyme activity, and was positively correlated with the activity of sucrose phosphate synthase.

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